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She twists and tugs her foreskin and massages her balls   

Added on 24th August 2016

Cookie has fishnet stockings and a zipper down one piece dress on. AS she slowly lowers the zipper, her large tits pop from their cutouts and her point nipples start to perk. Her hair is long and her face coated with pink colored blush. Her penis is home to a thick foreskin and straggly pubic out-growths that are climbing farther and farther up her shaft. She twists and tugs her foreskin, massages her balls, probes her ass and hard strokes her Siam salami; before launching a high flying, 2 round, cum blasting up and down her body.

She gobbles down his pole and strokes her own   

Added on 16th August 2016

Mia Mia controls her Latin lover completely. He walks on all fours and does whatever she wants. He licks her thick thighs before working on her tits and eventually making his was to the thick Brazilian banana laying in wait between her thick thighs.. She gobbles down his pole and strokes her own, before pulling back her ball sack and getting a solid anal plunging. Her pipe stays stiff as he hacks away at her ass, and she strongholds her own shaft, shifting gears and riding her mans cock like a wild Brazilian bull ride. Her man pulls out and ratchets one straight into her eye and down her face. She is blinded by the jism but happy enough to blast off a sticky one of her own that mixes and blends with her mans droppings too


Friday, August 26, 2016

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