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Anna has long legs, a slender frame and a very pretty smile   

Added on 25th May 2016

Anna has long legs, a slender frame and a very pretty smile. She has very long eyelashes, perfectly nice teeth and a well manufactured set of tranny tits with dark stubby tips on the end. Her tiny twig hibernates between her long thighs and is kept warm by a thick covering of long, dark, silky Thai grass. At less than 3 inches and coated in thick foreskin, it makes for a tasty treat for Allen, who nibbles her nuts and than easily swallows her enter toothpick. They cock dock, sword fight and then Allen goes to work on her sphincter. Her tiny ding dong flops a bit as her ass gets crammed and Allen sucks her cock until she wrenches off a respectable one that Allen sniffs and licks. Allen finishes her off with a massive facial that clings from her forehead, nose and lips. She showers, changes, hides her peanut and goes

This tranny has the fattest cock in Rome   

Added on 16th May 2016

Nika has a short Italian boyfriend who is intrigued with her long legs, big tits and pretty face. She changes into lingerie and dances around while her cock blows up like an over inflated balloon. This tranny has the fattest cock in Rome, thicker than a bottle of olive oil with nuts smaller than garbanzo beans. A second man friend appears and can barely fit her fat dick tip in his mouth before the other takes a try too. Their efforts are fruitless and they opt to split her shitter instead. She sucks while one guy fucks and the 2 guys finish this sloppy Italian tranny off with a couple of large squirts to her overinflated boobs. She can barely fit her own hand around her massive third member which finally releases a respectable sized batch of her own.


Monday, May 30, 2016

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