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Horny Brazilian Babe Bruna   

Added on 23rd November 2015

Bruna is in a public park where a slim black man finds her and puts on his smooth talk and silky moves in order to get her to come home with him. He succeeds and not long after getting into his place they are busy sucking face, licking tit, rimming assholes and sucking each others cocks. This black guy is packing a slim, long 12 incher himself, but Bruna is no slouch as her stiff 6 fills this brothas mouth to the brim. Brunas ass is soft and smooth and this long piece of dark chocolate melts into her light brown cock eating shit chute. He pulls out and nails her in the face with a fat batch before blowing another bunch within 1 minute. She tugs her twig and coughs one up straight into her new brothas mouth

her cock is stiff like a Siam sausage   

Added on 20th November 2015

 Jennie has long dark hair, long eyelashes, braces and pretty red lipstick on her cock hungry lips. She has been summoned to a foreign mans hotel room and starts a massage which gets his cock throbbing. She starts to suck his bright red pole with her brighter red lipstick which puts a shiner on his tip. Her own cock is a floppy brown Thai model with ample girth and pl iable foreskin that Allen tests to its limits with both his own dick and his lips too. Her tits are swollen with hormonal fluids and her cock is stiff like a Siam sausage. Allen tears through her tight and tiny shitter while her dong flops up down and all around. he puts her on all fours and milks her dick like an utter on a Thai dairy cow; eventually releasing a small but stringy batch of potent ladyboy jizz. Allen lets his fly across her cock and hairy nut bag too. She showers and flushes all the cum away. 


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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